6 Top Reasons To Build Your Own Murphy Bed | A great Do-It-Yourself Weekend Project!

You can buy a ready-made Murphy bed or you can buy a wall bed hardware kit to build your own Murphy bed.

If you are not handy, it’s much easier to buy a wall bed and just assemble it. But, if you’re handy, you could build your own wall bed and save a significant sum of money. Keep in mind that building your own Murphy bed requires the basic woodworking skills, wood, screws and a few woodworking tools.

There are many advantages of building your own Murphy bed. And the real bonus is that you learn and enjoy the process of creating something.

Jump in, become that  “Do It Yourself-er” and learn how to build a Murphy Bed.

Here are some of the advantages of taking charge on this home project:

6. When its hand made by you, you know you get quality.

5. Most Murphy bed companies make their wall beds out of cheaper types of wood to make more profit. If you want to buy a good quality wall bed, get ready to pay thousands of dollars!

When you build your own wall bed you can use a high-quality wood for a fraction of what it cost if you purchased a readymade wall bed.

4. You save Big Money!

If you choose to build your wall bed out of plywood you will need 3-4 sheets of 3/4″ plywood or Particle board. You can cut the wood yourself if you have the tools or get the wood cut at the Home Depot which will cost you next to nothing because they may charge you $1 per cut. Now think about it, even at $80 a sheet for higher grade plywood, and the cost of our hardware you can easily build a queen or double size Murphy bed at half price what a readymade murphy bed will cost you.

There are high quality Murphy beds that will cost a few thousand dollars or there are some wall beds in the market that are made with lower quality particle boards and hardware for cheaper price, but none of these options won’t help you to save money.

3. You can customize YOUR OWN DESIGN!

When you build you own Murphy bed, you can customize it the way you want for the size of your room. You can add a bookcase on the side, or side tables, closets, cabinets. You can also paint the wall bed or stain it to match your existing furniture in the room. Some people build one vertical and one horizontal bed to maximize room for the guests in a room or cottage.

2. You can match it with your existing décor

The problem with readymade Murphy beds is that they are not customizable. You get what you get, and you hope it all fits. When you build your own Murphy bed, you can easily match the stain or paint with your existing furniture – and make sure it’s made to measure.

If you have done any woodworking project you know how it feels when you look at your finished product! It is your masterpiece! People get so creative with design and finish. Check out some DIY success stories here.

1.Master of your Domain – oh that proud feeling!

Your family will be proud of you, and you will be proud of yourself! Let the family join in the project and do it in a weekend.  Don’t forget to take pictures or videos of before, during and after. Send them in and you may be selected to be featured customer of the month! We’d love to showcase your work, and so do send in your photos of your creation, your family, pets…whatever you want to share! Get Started. Buy Your Kit Now!

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