Smart money saving tips you can start using today with your DIY Murphy bed!

DIY Murphy beds are a great way to save thousands of dollars!

You probably know that in the market there are DIY Murphy beds that come with wood and all the hardware ready to go. However one major limitation of going with the ready to go Murphy bed is cost. A ready built Murphy bed is usually over $1000 just for your basic white or Birch finish.

That is for the basic, if you want to customize it, you need to pay more money. If you want to purchase a custom Murphy bed it will cost you thousands of dollars and in most cases installation will be charged extra.

By building your own DIY Murphy bed you not only save hundreds or thousands of dollars but you have full control over the creative process. You might think that you need to be a carpenter or a woodworking expert to build your own high-quality fully custom Murphy bed.

The truth is the with very basic woodworking skills and a few simple tools you can make a nice looking DIY Murphy bed using an Easy DIY Murphy Bed kit. Most people are concerned about wood vetical DIY Murphy bed in family roomcutting process, but I have good news; you even don’t have to cut the wood yourself! You can get the wood cut at your local home improvement store.

Building your own Murphy bed is truly an enjoyable experience because not only you will improve on your skills, you also get to get more creative and that’s when ideas come to your mind to maximize your space potential for family and friends. Have a look at how other Do-It Yourself-ers completed their projects.

There are unlimited design options available to you when you make your own DIY Murphy that you can choose from. You can select from the many types of wood finishes, colors and textures available in your local hardware store or lumberyard. You can build your bed into an existing furniture piece like a wall unit a bookcase or even closet.

DIY Murphy bed size options and styles

The Easy Murphy Bed kit is available in all the 3 popular mattress sizes. Right now you can choose from Twin\Single or Full\Double and also Queen bed mattress size.custom diy Murphy bed in bedroom

When you want to save space, usually the smaller option is the best, especially if you live in a bachelor or smaller condo, because you really maximize your living area.

But did you know that the difference between a Double and Queen is just 6” which in most cases is not a big deal, and that is why a Queen DIY Murphy bed is a very popular mattress size for two people to sleep comfortably beside each other.

When you order an Easy DIY Murphy Bed kit you will be given the option to choose between a Twin, Double or Queen size kit. The same construction techniques apply for the Twin, Double or Queen Size construction except for some of the measurements and cutting dimensions.

If you look at the “Cutting Guide” for Double and Queen Size you will notice that you buy the same wood for both, the only difference is that you will have more leftover wood for the Double size than the Queen Size bed. The Twin size DIY Murphy bed uses only one face panel and one mattress support panel because it is only 45 inches wide.

The price is the same for all the sizes, so don’t you feel it’s time for you to decide which size bed will suit your needs and compliment your space and start creating your own DIY Murphy bed today? Buy Your Murphy Bed Hardware Kit Now!

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