Installing The Leg Cross Bar And The Cabinet Kick Panel

How to Build a Murphy Bed – Step 14

Optional Steps

Leg Cross Bar

Leg crossbar is an optional step, but it is recommended because installing a leg crossbar between the two legs that come with your Easy DIY Murphy Bed Hardware kit will allow you to fold up the legs in one easy step instead of folding one leg at the time.

In our instructions, you can use a piece of tube or a wooden rod. The wooden rod is easier to use and if you paint it black it will match the metal legs and it will look nicer.

Queen-size Murphy bed with wooden leg cross bar

You can use a drill with a spade bit to make the leg cross bar out of wooden rod. Instructions are provided in our construction guide for the construction of the leg cross bar.

Queen-size Murphy bed with wooden leg cross bar

Basic Steps For Installing Leg Cross Bar

Below are the steps for installing the optional leg cross bar on the fold-up legs of the DIY Murphy bed.

Step 1

Step 2

Kick Panel

The kick panel is a part that is also optional. You may choose to construct one if it suits your style.

If you have thick carpet the kick panel might interfere with the opening and closing of your wall bed.

Instead of the kick panel, you can use a piece of wood such as leftover pieces and attach it to the underside of your bed cabinet to pin the bottom of the cabinet inwards and stop it from spreading out over time.

Queen-size Murphy bed with optional kick panel installed.

Basic Steps For Building The Kick Panel

Below are the construction steps for the optional kick panel for the do-it-yourself Murphy bed

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


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