Murphy Bed Lock Mechanism

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The Easy DIY locking mechanism allows anyone with a compatible Murphy bed to secure the bed frame when it is closed to make sure that the bed does not open unintentionally! Stop children from trying to open your murphy bed when you are not present.
This attractive lock mechanism installs on the side of the Murphy bed, either on the left or right side of the murphy bed, and it is superior to many latch systems in the market.
The lock mechanism was primarily designed to be used with the Easy DIY Murphy Bed brand of DIY Murphy beds; however, it can be used with other Murphy beds in the market that have a similar cabinet design. The lock mechanism may now be required on a Twin Horizontal Murphy bed because of the low cabinet height.
The lock is easy and quick to install in less than 1 hour.
You only need a few basic tools for installation. You will need, a drill, a 1/8-inch diameter pilot drill bit, a ½” and ¾” diameter Forstner drill bits, a Philips screwdriver, a measuring tape, and a pencil. The lock can be installed on the left or right size of the bed cabinet.
The Lock mechanism comes with a full lifetime warranty and is proudly made in USA.



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