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California King Size Murphy Bed Hardware Kits

For 72″ by 84″ regular or foam King Size Mattress Sizes

California King Size Cabinet Finished Dimensions

Finished Cabinet Dimensions for the Easy DIY  California King Size Wall Mount Murphy bed after you build your wall bed  is available below.

Click on the following images to see an enlarged and enhanced image of the dimensions of the Easy Murphy Bed Kit

California kin g size hardware finished dimensions for cabinet

California King Size DIY Murphy Bed Hardware

California king size mattress 72 wide by 84 inches long

California King Size DIY Murphy Bed Mattress Specifications

Use your existing mattress or upgrade to a new one!

We now offer the King size Murphy bed hardware a  California King size mattress, which measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long.
The height of your mattress should be less than 12 inches in height if you want to use the optional leg cross bar.

The mattress can be any type ranging from innerspring to foam, and the weight of the mattress should be within 40 to 85 lbs. range to ensure proper balance of the bed frame.
The mattress dimensions shown here are maximum dimensions for the California King size bed frame size.
You may use a smaller size mattress of your choice.


Complete Construction Guide

Step-by-Step Visually Illustrated!

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