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Horizontal Bed Cabinet Hardware Kits

Below you will find our selection of HORIZONTAL cabinet hardware kits. You can choose from the 3 popular mattress sizes we offer.
Make sure you check our “Before You Buy” page for details on how to choose the best option for you.

Finished cabinet dimensions for the Easy Do It Yourself Horizontal Murphy Bed Kit for wall beds.

Find cabinet dimensions for Twin (single), Double (full), and Queen. Ideal for studios, lofts, basements. Comes with clear Step by Step Instructions for the Do It Yourself (ers) wanting to complete this in a weekend. Free Shipping in Canada & USA.



Horizontal Vs Vertical

Which is the right choice for you?


Click on the following images to see an enlarged and enhanced image of the dimensions of the Easy Murphy Bed Kit

Horizontal Wall-Mount Murphy Bed Queen

Horizontal Wall-Mount Double (Full)

Horizontal Wall-Mount Twin (Single)


We are so confident about the quality of our Murphy bed hardware kits that we give you a full lifetime warranty on all hardware parts included in any of our do-it-yourself kits.

You have complete peace of mind when you purchase one of our kits. We will replace and of the hardware parts included on our kits free of charge for as long as you own your DIY Murphy bed.

North American Made

If you have seen Murphy beds, you will love our product! We have perfected William Murphy’s idea with contemporary design that can be customized and quality parts to make it safe and easy to build and use for many years to come.

Our hardware kits are manufactured in Canada with North American sourced materials. We don’t use foreign parts that are often of lower quality and durability.


Murphy beds come in two styles, you can build them vertically or horizontally. The most popular Murphy beds are the vertical Murphy bed, but sometimes when there are height issues, it would be the best to build your bed horizontally. If you want to put a TV, or build a book case on top of your Murphy bed horizontal Murphy beds will be the best option. The finished dimensions of each size Murphy bed are available on our website, so you can refer to them before you purchase a Murphy bed hardware kit.

Frame Sizes

We offer Murphy bed hardware for 3 common sizes: Twin/Single, Double/ Full and Queen size. Murphy wall beds are very heavy when you build it because there are a few heavy wooden parts. By attaching the hardware according to our instruction that comes with an Easy DIY Murphy Bed Kit, the pistons will counterbalance the weight of the bed frame and the mattress, so it will become easy to open and close your wall bed.


Complete Construction Guide

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