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Cutting the Wood

How to Build a Murphy Bed – Step 1

How to Cut Wood for Murphy Bed

Before you start cutting wood for your murphy bed, you need to decide if you want to build your Easy DIY Murphy Bed out of Plywood entirely, or a combination of plywood and particle board. Particle board may be slightly less expensive than plywood.

However, plywood is a much better choice and it is stronger. Plywood is also better if you want to stain your DIY Murphy bed and add certain custom finishes to the wood.

Book number 1 in our 3-guidebook set is “The Cutting Guide and the Items List”. As the name indicates, you’ll find all the measurements to cut the wood for the size of the wall bed you desire.

If you have a saw, you can cut the wood at your home or your shop. If not, you can get it cut at the Home Depot or your local lumber store.

The cutting guide is two cutting guides in one!

The 1st guide is for plywood. The 2nd guide is for particle board or MDF construction.

Do not forget to wear safety equipment such as safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection if you cut the wood yourself.

Important Tip: Measure all the cut panels twice before leaving the store. Why? You want to make sure you have the proper dimensions because sometimes they may be slightly over or under cut.  That could be a pain, because then have to make adjustments at your end.

Most hardware stores will not accept returns on cut lumber after you leave the store, so check them to make sure that they are cut properly before you leave the store!

When shopping for your wood at your local hardware store check the wood to avoid warped panels and look for straight solid wood pieces.


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