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King-Size DIY Murphy Bed Support Videos

Below you will be able to watch all our detailed videos on how to setup and install the King-size Easy Murphy DIY Bed hardware. The following videos will show you a step-by-step setup of the King-size Murphy Bed Hardware Kit.  These videos are also a great way of getting acquainted with the process of installing your own Murphy bed before you decide to purchase your hardware kit at anytime.

New Step-by-Step Construction & Assembly Video Instructions for  King-size Murphy bed!

Here you will learn all the steps involved in building your own King-size DIY WALL BED. The videos presented here are set up in sections referencing the Construction Guide. Each section covers the step-by-step of the construction process when using one of our hardware.

Section 1 Cutting the lumber parts for the King size Murphy bed

Time: 2:03

This video we will cover ways you can get your lumber cut and provide some helpful tips about selecting the best lumber for your DIY Murphy bed project.

Section 2 Labelling the lumber parts

Time: 00:50

In this short video we will cover how to label all the cut lumber parts for easy tracking and avoid mistakes when building the King size Murphy bed.

Section 3 applying edge banding to the wooden parts

Time: 4:25

In this video we will show how to apply edge banding to the exposed edges of all the bed lumber parts. Edge banding will give your King size Murphy bed a beautiful, professional finished look.

Section 4 inner bed frame construction

Time: 6:31

In this video the construction of the inner bed frame will be covered in detail. The inner bed frame is a very important component of the king size DIY murphy bed since it supports for the mattress and the people sleeping on the bed.


Section 5 attaching the hardware to the side rails parts D

Time: 4:28

In this video you will learn how to attach the left and right lower plates to the side rails of the king size Murphy bed.

Section 6 attaching the folding legs to the side rails

Time: 4:58

In this video we cover the installation of the 2 folding legs on the footer end of the side rails of the king size murphy bed.

Section 7 & 8 Mounting the Header, Footer & side rails to inner bed frame

Time: 5:22

In this video you will learn how to attach the header, footer in section 7. In section 8, attaching the side rails to the inner bed frame will be covered.

Section 9 Attaching the face panels to the bed frame Bed Frame

Time: 5:31

In this video you will learn how to properly attach the 2 face panels to the bed frame. This step is important since the face panels must be square on the bed frame and properly attached to the bed frame for structural support.

Section 10  mounting the handles to the face panels

Time: 2:38

In this video we cover the selection and installation of the 2 metal handles to the front of the face panels.

Section 11 Attaching  the mattress support panels 

Time: 3:08

In this video we complete the construction of the bed frame by installing the 2 mattress supports to the frame struts of the inner bed frame. The mattress supports are where the mattress will rest and also provides a flat even surface for mattress.

Section 12 installing the adjustable mattress strap

Time: 2:28

In this short video we cover the installation of the adjustable nylon mattress strap. The strap is designed to hold the mattress in place when using the king size Murphy bed.

Section 13 Attaching The hardware to the cabinet sides parts F

Time: 6:54

In this video the installation of the male pivot plates and upper piston plates will be covered. This step must be completed properly as to avoid problems later when the gas pistons are installed.

Section 14 cabinet top & cabinet stopper contruction 

Time: 7:28

In this video the cabinet top construction will be covered. The cabinet top attached at the top of the 2 cabinet sides. The construction of the cabinet top stopper is also covered. Please pay attention to this video since it covers important installation information about the cabinet top stopper of the king size Murphy bed.

Section 15 leg cross bar construction & installation

Time: 2:50

In this video we cover the construction and installation of the optional leg cross bar that attaches between the 2 folding legs. The leg cross bar makes it easier and quicker to fold the folding legs when using your King size Murphy bed.

Section 16 kick panel construction 

Time: 3:29

In this video, the construction of the kick plate board will be covered. This is an important component of the King size Murphy bed since it provides structural support for the bed cabinet.

King size Murphy bed assembly instructions

Time: 22:39

In this video, we cover the assembly of the King size DIY Murphy bed. Please watch the piston installation steps in section 6 carefully. There are 11 sections in this video.

King Size Murphy Bed Pistons Installation

Time: 4:48

In this video, we cover step by step how to install the 2 gas pistons on the King size Murphy bed. This video covers important information you should know before attempting to install the gas pistons. 


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