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King Size DIY Murphy Bed Hardware

At last Easy DIY Murphy Bed is proud to release the new King-size DIY Murphy bed hardware that will allow anyone with intermediate woodworking skills to build their own King size Murphy bed.
WATCH the video to learn more!


King size DIY Murphy bed hardware is finally here! Watch the video to learn more! 


Looking To Build Your Own DIY King Size Murphy Bed?

Easy DIY murphy bed is proud to introduce the new King size D I Y Murphy bed hardware! Proudly made in North America and comes with a full lifetime warranty.

King size DIY made in USA hardware
King size murphy bed in room closed cabinet
King size Murphy bed open in guestroom

Our heavy-duty King Size Murphy Bed hardware is designed to allow anyone with intermediate woodworking skills to build their own professional quality king size murphy bed in as little as 3 days!

What Is The King-size Murphy Bed Hardware?

Finally, for the first time the high-quality Easy DIY Murphy bed hardware for king size mattresses size is available!

The king size wall bed is one of the most wanted wall bed options for taller and bigger people, so you can make your own king size wall bed now with our easy-to-follow instructions and quality hardware.

The new King size do-it-yourself Murphy bed hardware is like our popular DIY Murphy bed hardware available for all other mattress sizes.

The King size hardware incorporates heavier duty parts that can handle the larger heavier and larger bed frame.

Our New Cabinet Locking Mechanism Is Also Included!

When you buy a king size hardware, you will receive the wall bed locking system for FREE.

We are proud to also introduce our new Murphy bed cabinet locking mechanism which is designed to stop the cabinet from accidental opening which is recommended for most wall beds except the twin horizontal. It is not necessary for the twin horizontal wall bed, because of the lower cabinet height.

 This easy and quick to install lock works with all our hardware kits.

This locking system is also compatible with many wall beds in the market that has a similar cabinet design.

What Mattresses Can Be Used With The King Size Hardware?

Any regular king size mattress, measuring 76 X 80 inches can be used if it weighs under 85 lbs.

The mattress height should be below 12 inches or less. Thicker mattresses may work but it may not clear the back of the bed cabinet when the bed is closed, especially with the bed blankets are in place.

Foam mattresses are a great option for a King size Murphy bed because they offer confort, and are ususally lighter than coil mattresses.

Finished King Size Murphy Bed Cabinet Dimensions

The finished murphy bed cabinet stands 88-¼ inches high, measures 82-¼ inches wide, and is 16” deep for standard cabinet depth.

The cabinet can be customized for depths up to 24” deep, simply by changing a few measurements for the cabinet parts.

Contact us if you want to modify the depth of the cabinet before you start the construction process.

Click here for complete King size cabinet dimensions!

What You Should Know Before You Buy!

The king size wall bed is a bigger and heavier wall bed, and the construction of the wall bed requires more than basic woodworking skills, and it is not a project for a novice woodworker.

The instructions must be followed step by step as instructed in the manuals and the videos. If you are planning to modify something, you need to email us before to make sure that the modification can be done safely.

Please do your due diligence to make sure that the king size hardware project is right for you, because higher restocking fees will apply.

You must know that a king size wall bed is taller and heavier than a regular size wall bed, and it requires more effort open and close.
The king size wall bed recommended for taller and bigger people, and it would not be suitable for smaller people, or elderly.

The king size wall bed is heavier, because the mattress size is 76” X 80” which is 16 inches wider than a queen size wall bed, and the larger bed frame. Y

You will need a helper to help you throughout the assembly process.

What You Should Know Before You Buy!

know what to buy to build your own diy king size murphy bed

You cannot use particle board or MDF to build a king size wall bed.

  • 5 Sheets of 3/4″ plywood material
  • 2 sheets of 1/4″ plywood material or similar for the matress supports
  • 21 pieces of 1 x 2 pine or similar for the bed struts construction.
  • 300 2″ and 1-1/4″ long wood screws
  • Wood glue and construction adhesive
  • A pair, your choice of bed handles

Get Your King Size Murphy Bed Hardware Today!
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Made in North America for Quality You Can Depend on!

You Also Get a Full Lifetime Warranty!

The hardware parts included with the Murphy bed desk hardware are all made in North America using quality components and manufacturing processes. The hardware is powder coated for durability and performance.

The Easy DIY Murphy bed desk hardware comes with a full lifetime warranty covering all the hardware for as long as you own it. We stand behind our products 100% so you will never have anything to worry about.

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Watch the King Size Murphy Bed Installation & Assemby Videos 

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