Murphy Bed Desk Installation Videos 

Here you will learn all the steps involved in setting up and installing your own DIY WALL BED DESK HARDWARE.
The videos presented here are set up in 7 parts. Each part covers the takes you through the process of setting up and installing the desk hardware.
The videos feature a full-size vertical and horizontal Murphy bed built using the Easy DIY Murphy Bed hardware.
The process is the same for all other sizes and cabinet orientation.


Part 1 – Introduction to the DIY Murphy Bed Desk Hardware Kit

Time: 4:31

This video will introduce you to the DIY Murphy WALL BED hardware desk. You will learn what is included in your Easy DIY Murphy Bed Desk Hardware Kit and what you need to buy which is just a piece of 3/4” or 5/8” wood for the desk board.

Part 2 Customizing the Murphy Bed Desktop

Time: 3:06

You can build a full desk or half desk if you prefer. This video will show you the tips and tricks on how you can customize the width of your desk to the desired desk width that works the best for your space.

IMPORTANT: Watch this video before you proceed to attach the desk arm brackets to the face of the bed.

Part 3A  Installing the Murphy Bed Desk on an easy diy murphy bed brand

Time: 3:35

In this video you will learn how to install the Easy DIY Murphy Bed Desk hardware to any size Easy DIY Murphy Bed when you have used our Easy DIY Murphy Bed Hardware your Murphy wall bed.

Part 3B Installing the DIY Murphy Bed Desk on other brands of DIY Murphy Beds

Time: 4:32

You can use our Easy DIY Murphy Bed Desk hardware on other brands of DIY Murphy beds in the market if you follow the instructions in this video.

IMPORTANT: Please watch this video if you own any other brand of DIY Murphy bed before you purchase our desk hardware.

Part 4 Attaching The Balancing Arms to the Desk Arm Brackets

Time: 1:35

This video will show you how to attach the balancing arms to the desk arm brackets which is a quick and easy installation process.

Part 5 Attaching the Desk Arm Brackets to the Front of the Bed

Time: 4:08

In this video you learn how to attach the desk bracket to the face panel(s) of your wall be in simple and quick steps.

Part 6 Building the Desk Board Top

Time: 4:59

We offer 3 options for your desk board, so you can choose the one that you think is the best option for your Murphy bed desk.
Dimensions and desk board styles are given in this video.

Part 7 Attaching the Desk Top Board to the Desk Arms 

Time: 3:15

This is the final and last video showing how to attach the desktop to the desk brackets in a couple easy steps.
Final adjustment of the desk is also covered before you can start enjoying your new Murphy bed desk.


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