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Twin (Single) Size Murphy Bed Hardware Kit Vertical (Upright)

(23 customer reviews)

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This Murphy bed Hardware kit will fit a Twin (single) size mattress sized 75 inches long by 39 inches wide or smaller, weighing between 40 to 70 lbs. Your mattress should be less than 12 inches thick in order to be able to use the optional leg crossbar. This is a vertical wall-mounted hardware kit, meaning the bed cabinet mounts to the wall at the top. The bed cabinet sits upright that is vertical.

Hardware parts come with a full lifetime warranty, meaning we will replace any defective hardware parts for free of charge as long as you own your DIY Murphy Bed.

Weight: 11 lbs
Dimensions: 30 × 12 × 3 in

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23 reviews for Twin (Single) Size Murphy Bed Hardware Kit Vertical (Upright)

  1. B (verified owner)

    usUnited States

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  2. Eros N. (verified owner)

    Big kudos for the customer service. I was expecting the kit to arrive in time for the weekend and according to FedEx it was going to arrive on a Wednesday but just for whatever reason it was delayed without an ETA. Luckily when I called up the customer service and explained that I at least wanted to get the materials and cuts done, they sent me the what I needed without hesitation. It’s was my first large project and even though it wasn’t perfect, it turned out great! Realistically it turned into about 18 hours of work with some help with the cuts and the final steps. Obviously if you have the space and “all” the tools in your repertoire then it would save time! Instructions were easy to follow and the materials list was spot on!

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  3. JOHN JENERAL (verified owner)

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  4. Anton (verified owner)

    Instructions are very good and the hardware looks pretty solid. Wasn’t easy to build but definitely worth the hard work. A murphy bed at the store is over $2000-2500

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  5. Susan Harris (verified owner)

    Haven’t built the bed yet (I’m hoping it’s not too difficult!), but these parts are definitely quality and well made!

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  6. DONALD T IRELAND (verified owner)

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  7. Mike (verified owner)

    Arrived in a timely manner. All parts seem to be here. Will be assembling to my personal design in a few days. My only grip would be the price…expensive for the amount of material? But I did buy it.

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  8. Mark W. (verified owner)

    Super easy and looks great when done! Great way to offer more sleeping arrangements and capacity to our Vrbo!

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  9. joseph c moon (verified owner)

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  10. Janice Kelley (verified owner)

    I haven’t opened your packet yet but the purchase of it was super quick and I am looking forward to assembling my new bed.

    I look forward to giving you an update.

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  11. Thomas N M. (verified owner)

    Looks and works great

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  12. Barbara R. (verified owner)

    Received your merchandise in record time very impressed . can’t wait to get started with the project.

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  13. Gino Pugliese (verified owner)

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  14. Dean T. (verified owner)

    Excellent kit, instructions are very easy to follow.

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  15. Mark S. (verified owner)

    On pg. 6 of the Cutting Guide document, top of page it mentions parts GD and GE I think you mean parts GC and GE.
    Screwing into the face of plywood was never an issue. But screwing into the edge of the plywood ALWAYS required pre-drilling.
    When drilling through plywood, the back side of the plywood will usually blow out. Clamping a piece of scrap wood on the back side helps to control this.
    You should include the optional parts in the part cut list and diagrams (like the larger optional K).
    The various documents have a lot of repeat pages. I would either condense them into one document or not repeat them in multiple documents.
    Since making the bed frame square is very important, I would include a page on how to do that.
    Your safety notes are great!
    The step-by-step instructions are great!
    The bed handle is not mentioned in the “parts you will need” list.

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    • Mike (store manager)

      HI Mark thank you for your comments. Page 6 in the cutting guide has long been edited and fixed. I think you got an older version of our guide that probably had the typo. I checked the current copy and parts are referenced correctly. Thank you for your other recommendations. Have a great day.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    caBritish Columbia, Canada

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  17. Gaye Bivins (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    Nice hardware, seems heavy duty and smooth. Will send a photo after the wall unit is finished around it.

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  18. Scott Brown (verified owner)

    usOhio, United States

    The instructions were very easy to follow. I cut the bed parts out with a circular saw. It would have been easier if I would have had a table saw.

    Image #1 from Scott Brown
    Image #2 from Scott Brown
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  19. Pete K. (verified owner)

    usUnited States

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  20. Daniel B. (verified owner)

    usNew York, United States

    Easy pease, if you’re handy !

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  21. Rhonda A. (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    The videos were very helpful. They showed each step and they were easy to follow. I found that the 1/4 drill bit was not big enough tho and had to use a bigger bit to attach the nuts. High quality hardware tho.

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  22. Mike Rizzo (verified owner)

    usWashington, United States

    A two day job, but was worth it. Directions were great. I didn’t need any videos but they are good to have. I was surprised when it all came together and worked perfect.

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  23. Todd S. (verified owner)

    usMinnesota, United States

    All in all, it’s a really great kit. If there was one thing I would improve on would be the self tapping screws. The head of the screw doesn’t sit flush in the bracket. It seems a little too big.

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