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Saving Space with a Wall Bed – Tips on Getting Your Murphy Bed Project Done!

Comparing a wall bed to a futon or sofa bed as their advantages.

Solve your lack of space with a few unique options, one of them being a wall bed!

Lack of space is always a big problem. When you need to have a multi functional room in order to save space the Murphy Bed is a fantastic solution.

An occasional guest who might visit a couple times a year may be an issue. So using a hidden wall bed in that room is the right solution when you need it.

Keep in mind, that if you buy a custom Murphy bed or wall bed it will cost you thousands of dollars.

And perhaps extra for installation. BUT, if you’re wal bed set up in roomfamiliar with woodworking skills and you have done a few DIY projects in the past, the Easy DIY Murphy Bed is an option to maximize your space without spending a lot of money.

The Sofa Bed Option

The other option is to buy a sofa bed or a futon, so you can use it as a couch for most of the times and when a guest comes to stay with you overnight, you can turn it to a bed. That can be a solution, but most sofa beds are not very comfortable unless they are high quality and good brands which will cost you a pretty penny, and you still need to store the blanket and pillows in a closet.

sofa bed to wall bed

You may not want a sofa bed. Let’s face it, quality ones are a huge investment. And you may not find one that suits your space saving needs.

Saving Space with a Wall Bed may be the design solution that fits your needs. If so, we have a How to Build a Murphy Bed Guide for you. We also have the starter guide on how to choose between a Vertical or Horizontal wall bed. If you need inspiration and ideas, have a look at completed wall bed projects by other Do-it-Yourself-ers. Some are very creative and you’ll get really great ideas on how to complete your custom wall bed!

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