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Stay Level Murphy Bed Desk Hardware is the Perfect Addon!

Now more compatibility with other brands of DIY Murphy beds! (see below)

Easy to install and always stays level when you open and close the Murphy bed. 

Adding a Desk to Your DIY Murphy bed Allows You To Create an Ideal Multipurpose Space


Create the Ideal Multipurpose Space You Always Wanted!

If you already have an existing Murphy bed you already know how versatile a Murphy bed is when it comes to creating the perfect balance between space optimization and comfort.
Now you can easily add a desk to your DIY Murphy bed and take your Murphy bed to the next level.

murphy bed desk hardware
vertical murphy bed with desk
horizontal cabinet Murphy bed with desk attached
Adding a desk to your Murphy bed will allow you to truly create the perfect multipurpose space you always wanted.
The Easy DIY Stay Level Desk hardware is a new product that you can add to your existing DIY Murphy Bed if it uses a piston system, so you don’t have to occupy your valuable space by having a chunky desk.
stay level desk for murphy bed with glass of water

What is the Stay Level Murphy Bed Desk Hardware?

The Easy DIY Murphy Bed Desk hardware is a balanced hinge mechanism that will allow the smooth, controlled movement of the desktop when you open or close your Murphy bed.
When you open your wall bed, the desk will automatically lower, staying leveled under the bed.
The desk will come back up when you close your wall bed, remaining perfectly leveled.
Easily open and close your Murphy bed without moving the stuff on the desktop. Our mechanism is designed for smooth movement, so you can leave objects on the desk such as a lap top computer, books, even a small full cup of coffee or a glass of water

desk for murphy desk

Now Compatible with More DIY Murphy Beds in the Market!

Our desk hardware works with most DIY Murphy Bed hardware in the market that use the piston system and some steel spring systems.

You can add a fully functional desk to your exiting Easy DIY Murphy Bed or similar DIY Murphy Beds in the market in 1-2 hours!

However there are many variations between brands some modeld may not work with our desk system.

All you need is to know the pivot point of the wall bed, which is covered in our guide and instructions videos.

Please note that our hardware will work will all sizes of our Murphy beds. 
For other  brands please contact us before you buy to make sure the hardware will work with your model and brand of Murphy bed.

desk hardware system murphy beds and create a bed

What Do You Get with the Easy DIY Murphy Bed Desk hardware?

Everything but the lumber!

The Easy DIY Murphy Bed Desk Hardware Kit comes with all the detailed visual instruction booklet and all the hardware needed, as well as online support videos to help you install your own desk in a couple hours.

All the hardware parts and screws you need for this project is included in the kit; all you need to buy is the wood for the desk board.
You may need to buy some edging tape, paint, or stain to give your desk a finished look.

What is the Clearance and Capacity of the Desk?

Objects that are less than 3-1/2 inches high can stay on the desktop when you open your Murphy bed.

You have to make sure that you close your laptop and remove the objects that are taller than 3-1/2 inches when you open your wall bed.

The maximum weight capacity for the desk is 45 pounds which will allow most laptops and other items to be left on the desk when the bed is open. 

What is the Height  of the Stay Level Desk?

The height of the desk to the floor will depend on the height of the pivot point (the point where the bed frame rotates to open and close) to the floor. The Easy DIY Murphy Bed brand has a pivot point of 11 inches from the floor. The will give a finished height of the desk of 30 inches from the floor.

If the pivot point is slightly higher or lower than 11 inches than the desk height will vary accordingly. For Example if your bed has a pivot point of 11-3/4 inches, then the desk height will be 30-3/4 inches from the floor. 

Easy Installation and Set up!

Saves you valuable time and effort!

Super easy!

After you install the hardware on the front of the Murphy bed as instructed in the instruction guide included in your hardware kit, just measure between the two brackets, cut the board, attach it and boom!

You are done! It is that EASY!

Choose your Favorite Lumber to Build the Desktop!

Our desk hardware allows you to use any lumber you like to build the desk top board for your desk.

You can use any kind of wood with a thickness of 3/4” or 5/8”.

You can use solid wood, plywood, MDF or any other lumber you choose for the desk top board of the Murphy bed desk!

murphy bed desk options sizes

What Size Desk Can I Build?

Any size you want! Easy DIY Murphy Bed Desk hardware can be used for any size DIY Murphy bed from twin to king if you have a piston system.

With Easy DIY Murphy Bed desk hardware, the width of your wall bed can be fully customized. You can use the full length of your Murphy bed for the desk, or it can make it smaller which is a great option for the horizontal wall beds that can be quite wide.
The depth of your desktop can be between 12-24 inches for the vertical wall beds and between 12-20 for horizontal wall beds.

Important Note: If you are adding the desk to a Twin horizontal DIY Murphy bed the maximum depth of the desk top should be less than 12″. 

full or half murphy bed desk option

You Can Customize the Desk Board!

The desk hardware is designed so that you can use a full width desk board on your Murphy bed or a smaller size. This unique feature gives you the ability to make your desk board any width you want, for example half width, only spanning half the bed cabinet. For this option you only use one desk balancing arm, either on the left side or right side.
You choose! 

Made in North America for Quality You Can Depend on!

You Also Get a Full Lifetime Warranty!

The hardware parts included with the Murphy bed desk hardware are all made in North America using quality components and manufacturing processes. The hardware is powder coated for durability and performance.

The Easy DIY Murphy bed desk hardware comes with a full lifetime warranty covering all the hardware for as long as you own it. We stand behind our products 100% so you will never have anything to worry about.

made in usa murphy bed desk hardware
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Watch the Murphy Bed Desk Installation Videos

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